Jun. 26th, 2007

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So, I've successfully biked to and from work twice now. Yesterday, the first day, the minute I sat on the seat the boingy thing that makes it springy munched the mounting bracket for my rear blinkie. Fortunately I discovered that fact immediately, and retrieved the blinkie. Looking it over, I realized that the blinkie would quite handily clip to a horizontal strap on my backpack, so I turned it back on, clipped it on, and off I went. I love my ride in the morning- it's quiet except for birdsong, and there's not much traffic. Unfortunately, I won't get a lot of the morning rides- I'll be doing rotating nights and evenings (sigh). The second thing I found out is that I really need to find my bike shorts. Like tomorrow morning. Every time I sat down today I was reminded that my backside, naturally padded though it may be, is NOT equivalent to a good chamois. There's a reason that hard-core stupid cyclists end up with pressure sores. I take care of the at work- I don't want one! I also adjusted the seat up this evening- I wasn't getting enough extension on my downstroke and so I was working too hard. I think it will be much better tomorrow. I just wish I had longer legs. There's no way for me to rest a leg on the ground and remain on the seat while at a stop- I have to hp off the saddle and straddle the middle bar. And I have the smallest frame available. Sigh. I work the pm shift tomorrow, meaning I start at 7 pm and get off at 7:30 the next morning. Pursuant to that I'm staying up later than I normally would tonight. I've decided that I'm going to go to the first showing of "Live Free or Die Hard" at midnight. That should be enough adrenaline to keep me awake for a while! Orientation is going well- the documentation is coming along with practice, and I'm seeing continuous improvements in my time management, which is very encouraging. The situation is so completely different from my very first job that it's almost unbelievable. While I don't know everything, I'm not completely at a loss, and I'm finding out that in many ways I knew more than I thought I did. I know that I'll also find out that I know less than I thought I did...


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