Jul. 3rd, 2007

Road trip!

Jul. 3rd, 2007 12:17 pm
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Greetings fellow fen, techie geeks, and SCAdians

I have a fannish friend from the Chicagoland area who is on staff with Duckon (procurement) who has had a long-time problem with morbid obesity as well as type two diabetes. He landed in the hospital Sunday during the Duckon closing party due to blood glucose/heat/dehydration issues. We'd been working towards getting him admitted to a bariatric (weight loss for the morbidly obese) program in a long-term care facility, and this provided us with the opportunity to make it happen, albeit in an extremely unplanned fashion. Well, everything worked out just right- I work a day shift tomorrow til 3 pm, leaving me enough time between then and the next day I work to drive out to Elgin, IL (where he's in the hospital); drive him to Gibsonburg, OH to get him admitted to the facility, and then drive home to be back to work for a day shift on Saturday at 7 am. I've recruited a friend to do the drive from Elgin with me so that it won't be so difficult. Pursuant to this, I'm looking for a fannish or SCA type household reasonably close to Gibsonburg or on the way back towards Chicagoland from Gibsonburg (we'll be taking 80 to within about 15 miles of our destination- we pull off 80 at exit 71- OH 420 south) that might be willing to grant us crash space on the night of Thursday, July 5. I don't need a bed- am perfectly happy on the floor, but my traveling partner has had recent bypass surgery (which is why he's off work and available to travel) and would probably be best off with at least a futon or sleeper sofa. A non-smoking household would be preferable, but it's not critical (just best for him due to his post-surgical status). I do apologize for cross posting as it may occur, but would still request fowarding this to the Midrealm mailing list if anyone is on it.


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