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Our day started late since I try to sleep during the day even when I'm not working, to various degrees of success. I slept til about 10 am while M and M2 got up and lazed about watching television. I had decided previously that since I had to work tonight that I would not be cooking dinner- original plan was for M and M2 to go out together and find a place to eat. Since I had actually slept more than I should have last night, I went along, and we invited [profile] spidey007 to come along with us. The place we went to, The Machine Shed, was hosting a benefit buffet for a local camp that does free summer camps for low-income and at-risk kids during the summer. They only do a couple of sessions- the rest of the summer they do high-end horse camp for rich kids. After dinner I went over to [profile] spidey007's place and he worked on my back while I dozed off on his floor. He woke me at about 7, and I scooted home for a shower and change of clothes before work, which is where I am now.

What I'm grateful for this year:

My family- all of them wherever they are, family of birth, family of raising, and family by choice.
-I and my spouse are both employed
-My health and the health of my family is good
-I have a roof over my head and food on my table (perhaps a bit too much of the latter)
-Life is generally stable and good.
-I've found a new church without too much effort. It has the good things I like about my old one, and specifically avoids the things that I had a problem with.
-My cats. They're silly and twitchy, but they're great to curl up in bed with when it's chilly and no one else is home.
-The people in my life that I love so much that sometimes it hurts- includes people mentioned above in family, plus lots of other friends that I see way too seldom.

Now to make it through Black Friday unscathed...

And a reminder to reach out to those who are less fortunate:
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