Jun. 30th, 2007

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I'm headed to urgent care- fever/chills, sore throat, icky sinuses, pressure/pain/itchy ears. In other news, how about those incompetent terrorists? I just love the attacks where they manage to not hurt anyone other than themselves (not including property damage. First off the morons that tried to bomb outside of Tiger Tiger- can't even be bothered to ensure that their IED is properly set up. If you're going to go to the time and trouble of setting something like this up, take the risk of being injured in the process or killed during the commission of your act, you'd think that they'd make DAMN sure that it was set up right and going to work. Then there's the two yahoos this morning who tried to ram a Jeep through the glass doors at the Glasgow airport, causing the UK to go to "critical" in its alert level. You'd think they'd have figured out a way to measure the bleeding doors and their Jeep to make sure it would actually fit through. Idiots. Of course there's the guys who tried to do the second underground bombing a couple of years ago...with the remains of the same batch of explosives that was used in the first. Perhaps in all their research of how to make it, they would have realized somewhere along the way that it would become unstable and not work after ten days to two weeks? To have the crap kicked out of you by your intended victims must be terribly humiliating...

So the current score is Christians 1.5 (one currently in the hospital, one injured a couple of years ago by the Underground passengers), Lions .25 (some property damage, raised alert level)


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